How do I top up L-COIN?

Step1. Once you are in the game lobby screen, click on the square “plus” icon next to the L-COIN at the upper right corner. Clicking the square “plus” icon will direct you to the top up page.


Step2. Then, select the payment gateway, then the amount you wish to top up. Click Continue and you will be able to select the payment method.

NOTE: Payment options and currency are tailored to the regions, so what’s on screen may be different for each country.

 Step 3. Insert your payment information to complete the transaction.


Step 4. Once you have completed the payment process, you will see the following page.

You will also receive an email notification that the payment was successful.

You can get back to the in-game lobby screen to see that your L-COIN has been topped up in real-time.

NOTE: There may a slight delay depending on the network environment. 


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