What is BP and what is L-COIN ?

Now you can purchase exclusive items and LITE PASS Premium from the in-game Store using L-COIN, the new in-game currency.


What is BP and what is L-COIN?

BP (Battle Points) is a PUBG LITE in-game currency that player can earn by completing matches, missions, and more. BP can be used to purchase various items from the Store.

L-COIN (or LC) is a new in-game currency charged with payment for players who wish to explore the L-COIN exclusive experience of PUBG LITE.

The Store now has items that can be bought with BP and items that can be bought with L-COIN.

What can I do with L-COIN?

You can purchase various in-game items that include exclusive costumes and skins, LITE PASS Premium, Rename Card, and many more.

Go check out the in-game Store to see what’s out there!


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