I can't start the game because of safe mode pop-up

We believe you will be able to start the game after clicking the OK button.


If you can not open the game even after you see this pop-up, this might happen as you are using multiple graphics cards. Therefore, we highly recommend using a separate GPU from your onboard graphics card by setting manually in the control panel.

Please refer to the below instruction : 

Step 1.

Open the NVIDIA Control Panel and then select "Manage 3D Settings" 

- Right-click on the windows desktop and select NVIDIA Control Panel. 

- Select "Manage 3D Settings" 


Step 2.

- Please Select "Global Settings" Tab to choose "High-Performance NVIDIA processor" 

- Then click "Apply" 



Alternatively, you can customize this setting to apply PUBG LITE only. 

- 1) Please select PUBG LITE "Launcher.exe" for the program to customize 

- 2) Then, click "High-Performance NVIDIA Processor" 

- 3) Afterward, click "Apply" Button. 



 Also, don't forget to update your video card drivers to the latest version!  




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