Reporting Cheaters / Hackers / Teamkillers

We are always trying to implement systems and process to block out these cheaters.

If you were killed by a cheater, found a team killer please use the in-game report system. That is the fastest way to report a user directly to our team.

We added some new functions that you wanted most such as the screenshot function and report function.


Screenshot function

  • Now you can take screenshots easily with the “F12” key. 
  • File directory: C:/Users/”UserName”/Documents/PUBGLite/Screenshots

Report function update

  • We updated the report function based on your feedback. Now the “report function” is available right after you are killed in a squad.


  • You can also report a player while spectating by pressing “R”. Please do not hesitate to report any players who play unfairly to create a cleaner PUBG LITE gameplay experience.



However, if there are ones that cannot be reported through those means, please let us know with the following information so that we can process the report quickly.

- Your Game Nickname :
- Nickname of the user you are reporting :
- Time/Date of the incident :
- Description of the incident :
- Screenshot or Video link:



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