Error message in related to anti-cheat solution

We noticed that several players experiencing difficulties logging in due to the "CRASH HAS BEEN DETECTED" issue. We suspect that players who received this error message have been detected of using unauthorized programs or auto-mouse systems.



With the latest update, the pop-up alerts will clearly define the problems to allow players to know the exact issue. We are doing our best to provide a better playing experience for all of you.


Failed To Initializing

Your client will now close due to the failure of initializing anti-cheat solution

This error might be solved after rebooting the launcher and PC. Also please check if there are any vaccines or other programs that can impact your network.



Kick Temporary

You’ve been kicked from the session.


Ban Account

You will receive this error "You have been banned!" if your account has been banned.

Temporary Ban


Permanent Ban (100 Years)



Ban HardwareID 

You will get this error "You cannot play the game on this device anymore" because your hardware ID has been banned.



Unauthorized Program

You will receive this error "Your client will now close due to the detection of an unauthorized program" if you have unauthorized program installed in your computer.



Unauthorized Device

Your client will now close due to the detection of an unauthorized device.
Mouse macros and devices used to gain an unfair advantage are strictly prohibited. 



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