Frequently Asked Questions about Launcher Issues

1. I have an issue with my launcher.  

- Please kindly check that you are located serviced regions: link

- For the other regions, we are sorry that we don't have any updates on this yet.

- You might face the following screenshot when your timezone is not set up correctly.



2. I have a pop up for Windows 10 Firewall / Windows Defender Smart Screen. 

- This is normal behavior to have a pop up due to Windows system policy. 

- Please proceed to execute by following our guideline : [NEWS] Troubleshoot firewall issue


3. My computer support 32 bit. Can I play PUBG LITE? 

- Sorry but PUBG LITE supports 64 bit. Please check Spec Requirements


4. Do I have to download Visual C++ or DirectX Runtime? 

- Yes, there should be a pop up if you don't have in your computer. Please install according to the guideline, then you will be able to enjoy PUBG LITE! 



5. I have a pop-up for "Not Enough Disk Space" 

- Please check Spec Requirements for your minimum HDD space (4 GB) 



6. I have a pop-up for "Not Authorized"

- If the launcher is on, please restart the lobby. 

- If the launcher is off, please close the client and restart the launcher. 


7. Please click "Check & Repair" Button before you start! 

- We believe most of your launcher issues will be solved with this step. 




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